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We are Dream4team

We create interactive entertainment, with innovative games that guarantee more fun.

We are Dream4TeamStudio, a small Brazilian game development studio, officially founded in 2021 but with a history dating back over five years of individual work by each of its members.Currently, the team consists of five passionate game devs, and we are committed to creating memorable gaming experiences.


Presently, we primarily focus on outsource for other studios, taking advantage of our expertise to provide quality solutions to the gaming industry. However, we are also embarking on our first original game project, titled 'Red Tower.' This game is a genuine representation of Dream4Team's essence, where we are pouring our hearts into delivering a memorable and immersive experience to players.


At Dream4TeamStudio, we believe in the power of games to inspire, entertain, and connect people, and we are dedicated to building a legacy in the world of games that reflects our passion and commitment to creating captivating virtual worlds.

About us


With the diversity of knowledge of our team we are qualified for a range of game genres, ranging from a simple 2D platformer to the 3D genre with more realistic graphics.


We are passionate about what we do and we have many stories we want to tell, stay close and follow our projects.


Meet the founders

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